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B.A.S.E Visits

Building Assessment and Safety Evaluation

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Building and Code Enforcement Manager, Allen Fennell and Fire Prevention Lieutenant, Michael Neumaier, filling out a BASE Report on a site visit. 

What is a B.A.S.E Visit?

The City of St. Charles offers B.A.S.E. Visits as a courtesy service to anyone looking to open a new business in St. Charles. These visits help identify potential zoning, building, or fire code violations that may need to be remedied before the new business occupies the space.


You may consider scheduling a B.A.S.E. visit if:

  • there is a change in use from one commercial use to another (like turning a former retail store into a restaurant).

  • renovations are needed but you are unsure of permit requirements

  • this is your first business and you are unsure what to look for in a space

When should the visit be scheduled?

Ideally, the visit should be scheduled before signing a lease or purchasing a property. Why? Because the B.A.S.E. visit could reveal costly code requirements that need to be remedied (like a adding a new sprinkler system or elevator) before occupancy can be granted.

Who attends the B.A.S.E. Visit?

Generally, City Staff (including someone from the Community Development, Building and Code Enforcement and Fire Prevention) will meet the applicant at the site. The property owner or real estate agent may also be present to give the BASE team access to the property.

Download a sample BASE Report to see what information is typically included

Schedule your B.A.S.E Visit today!

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