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Temporary Outdoor Dining extended through 2021 in St. Charles

The St. Charles City Council approved an extension of the Temporary Outdoor Dining Program through December 31, 2021. Under the program, restaurants can apply for a no-fee permit that allows the use of public and private parking lots and sidewalks for expanded outdoor dining. Restaurants with small parking lots, under 25 stalls, can use the entire lot for outdoor dining, while large lots (25+) may use up to 50% of the lot area.

Last year, nearly 30 restaurants took advantage of the program to offer expanded outdoor dining to their customers. The St. Charles Business Alliance has curated a list of restaurants that have patios which can be accessed here:

Even though COVID-19 regulations have relaxed as the cases continue to drop, the restaurant community is still focusing on recovery after a difficult year. The Temporary Outdoor Dining Program is intended to help restaurants focused on recovery.

Any questions about the program should be directed to the Department of Community and Economic Development at or (630)377-4443

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